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We are looking for new talent!!!!! 
Please see the application below, or visit our socials

to talk about being represented by AJ Bands Ltd! 

In-House Bands/Musicians

This is aimed at bands who haven't yet entered into the industry, and haven't the means to fund their promotion and equipment. 

AJ Bands Ltd invests in bands with potential! The company can provide all of the necessary means to get a band on its feet and in the industry!

If this is you, please apply with the subject line "In-House Band/Musician"

Out of House Band/Musician

This is for the band/musician that is already established, with promotional material and equipment or the means to fund their own performances but doesn't have the experience or right network of people to get into the industry. AJ Bands Ltd can provide the marketing and industry links necessary to provide work for a band/musician.

If this is you, please apply with the subject line "Out of House Band/Musician

AJ Bands Ltd is for musicians and bands that are new to the events performance industry or struggle to get their foot in the door. We provide a space for bands to expand their business until they no longer need our support. 

We are a company by musicans, for musicians!

We Are Accepting Applications!

Apply to be represented by AJ Bands Ltd below. We are on the hunt for new talent



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