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The AJays

The AJays

The AJays performing ABC by Jackson 5

The AJays specialise in party songs for all events. Bring the upbeat vibes to you with The AJays

Set 1

  1. Never gonna give you up

  2. One way or Another 

  3. Jolene

  4. Under Pressure

  5. Stuck in the Middle 

  6. Yellow 

  7. Waterloo

Set 2 

  1. Superstition 

  2. Seven Nation Army 

  3. Man! I feel like a woman 

  4. Torn 

  5. Valerie 

  6. Sex on Fire 

  7. Proud Mary

Set 3 

  1. You're the one that I want

  2. YMCA

  3. Mr Brightside

  4. Let's Dance

  5. Stand by Me

  6. Sweet Caroline

  7. Country Roads

Fern - Band Member


The AJays Price List
Albie - Band Member


Ally - Band Member

The AJays are open to modifying or customising set lists. Please get in contact for more details

The AJays laughing
Jamie - Band Member
Tom - Band Member




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